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Capture the Gag

Capture the Gag by Rubbing Hands is a game that sits somewhere between Capture the Flag and Hide and Go seek. While the premise of the game is simple, the fun lasts for hours. The main players of the game are two little aliens named Gabby Gag (blue) and Godfrey Gag (orange). These little aliens have magnetic bellies, suction cup hands, a clip on their tail and their arms are bendable. These features enable the Gag to be hidden in a variety of places. Each team must hid their gag for the other team to find.

My children range from ages 6 to 21 and four of them are under 10. We had to lay some ground rules for hiding the Gags or we would have been looking for them all night. We decided to make my wife and oldest daughter the team captains, and I was the referee. We put the four wristbands (two of each color) in a box and had the kids pick to determine which team they were on. Then I flipped a coin. The winner from the coin toss got to pick their hiding area first. We had hiding zones to minimize the limitless possibilities in the house. The kids (and parents) had a blast playing Capture the Gag. For hours after the game the kids were coming up with new hiding spots for the next time we play. I’m sure this will become a weekly event and we've also decided to bring it with us on our next camping trip.

How you play.

You start by splitting into two teams, Team orange and Team Blue. Each team gets four wristbands and one flag with their color on it.The blue team gets Gabby Gag and the orange team gets Godfrey Gag. Before the game starts you have to pick a “Home Base” that is somewhere in the middle of the two hiding areas. This is where the teams start, and after finding the Gag, must return to. When hiding the Gag the team must put their flag in the room with the Gag. This is the one rule we didn't adhere to since designated hiding zones. When hiding the Gag you are also supposed to leave the eye on the top of their head visible. This isn't always an easy task and in fact the Referee had to step in a few times to settle disputes. Once a team has hid their Gag they go back to Home base and wait for the other team. After both teams are finished it is time to “Capture the Gag”! After finding a Gag the team has to run back to Home Base where they are declared the winners.

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